Cold weather

Cold weather

The only way to stay warm and snug this season is by wearing the hottest fashions.

Don’t give up heels/wedges .. just switch your open-toed to your closed-toed.
Don’t give up style for warmth .. just mix, match, and layer your long-sleeves, turtlenecks, and accessories for maximum comfort that’s nothing short of chic. 

Blazers •

.. of all shapes, sizes, and prints.

Especially the ones covered in this print for a little extra “good luck.”(hihihihi)

Jackets are the perfect way to add spice to an outfit during the colder weather. It helps incorporate just the right amount of seasoning to those cozier and simpler numbers – such as unadorned, long-sleeve turtle neck tops.

  Style notes: I got this blazer from a random boutique. I stared at it once knew I loved it. 



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