Colour is the main game


Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is more.Sometimes simple is significant. Sometimes complex is significant.

Sometimes this, sometimes that, vice versa, and any other which way.


But what it truly comes down to is .. not sometimes, but all the time, is up to you. And depending on the day, or perhaps my mood, or what pair of shoes I wish to wear, or maybe even just the desire to debut a new *impulse* purchase of mine – that is what drives my outfit choices every morning. And not sometimes, but all the time, is it important to remember that .. that we are in charge of our own happiness and not everything we choose to do throughout our lives has to match up to the standards, or the style, or the “normality” of society .. unless that’s what you wish to do – in which case YAY – as long as it makes you undeniably happy and causes your heart to flutter and eyes to shine.


(Disclaimer: I may be basing this off of my daily OOTD decisions, but it’s the same with all aspects of life. I also may have just wanted to write a quick post about my outfit being all colourful today and it somehow turned into this fun go-do-what-makes-you-happy post. So .. the moral of my impromptu rambling is ..)


At the end of the day ..

if you’re loving life, life will be loving you right back.



So go be/do/celebrate you .. and don’t forget to give this grand ole life a great big bear hug while you’re at it.



Outfit details 

Top Dorothy Perkins

Skirt Taquoise polka dot swing shirt

Bag Celine bag

Red shoes

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