IMG_8102Its no secret that crop tops are a huge trend and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon, well… that’s fine by me. I think they’re really cute. 

I’m so glad there many sites and influencers encouraging body positivity and self love these days especially when it comes to clothing, the entire world unfortunately isn’t there yet and crop tops are some of the clothes that are still seen as intimidating especially since most of the girls don’t have flat tummies. I still firmly believe anyone can wear anything and crop tops are no exception. I share how to get away with wearing crop tops below:

  1.  Opt for high waist bottoms. These will meet your stomach half way and make you feel comfortable. You wont have to worry about showing too much of your stomach and the entire back being out.
  2. Don’t show too much skin if you’re not in the appropriate setting. Crop tops are super trendy but doesn’t mean there aren’t places you shouldn’t wear one i.e offices where most people wear business attire.
  3. Wearing buggy crop tops especially if your bottoms are tight.
  4. Throwing over an open sweater, jacket and kimono for extra confidence.

Once you put on you’re crop top, Own it! Embrace the little bit of your tummy that is out and just be confident, You look Hot!!!! You don’t have to ask for anyone’s permission for you to wear anything. If you feel like wearing it, go for it. How you feel in it is actually what matters.

Let me know how you wear your crop top(s) in the comment section below.

IMG_8104 (1)
Photography by Ninno
Crop top from Thrift Shop Uganda


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