IMG_8093I have been having this urge/desire to make my photos easily identifiable by anyone  that follows or has been following me without having to look at my name or see my face. How i would term this is by calling it a preset. A preset is a one-click photo editing tool that can dramatically speed up your workflow and give your photos a professional look. Its been a long time since i embarked on this journey, and its not been an easy one. I faced many challenges and I’m here to share my journey with you in hope of inspiring and making yours a bit easier. Developing a preset needs someone that understands your work, is patient and willing to listen to your ideas. 

I was inspired to follow this trend from certain bloggers i follow on instagram and Pinterest. My assumption was every photographer should be knowing something about presets which proved me wrong. I worked with a couple of photographers and explained to them what i needed but when it came to delivering, i was dissatisfied with the results. This however pushed me to learn how to edit photos myself since I’m the only one that knew what i wanted. I watched Youtube tutorials and read blogposts to learn editing. Long story short, i learnt the basics in editing using photoshop and Lightroom but still, figuring out a preset wasn’t as easy as i thought and decided to seek for help from Ninno,  a graphics designer.

What this whole process taught me is, everything from quality of photos, Locations, outfits and props have to be sought out carefully to enhance how a preset looks. Its meant to be a one-click editing tool that enhances your photos but there’s when it doesn’t bring the exact feel and you have to make some adjustments to Ur photos like increasing exposure or brightness, or even adjusting Ur highlights and shadows. 

I have also put together for you some apps that I was using to help me with my editing before i figured out my preset. These don’t require any expertise to operate and are free in Apple and Play store.

  1. Colorstory
  2. Vsco

You could also seek help from my Photographer and Graphics designer that helped me  figure out my preset here or download free presets online.

Photography by Ninno

IMG_8097 (3)

I’m happy to say i have a preset i can use now, tho i intend to modify it with time.

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