Some of your questions 

Some of your questions 

Hi Cate, Just wanted to ask you, what staples do I need in my wardrobe and how do I incorporate color in a fun, stylish way?

Thanks for your questions dear,am really glad that you can consult me amongst others. I will go right straight to the answers.


 you need to own a black  trouser. A sleek pair of black trousers with a flattering fit not only transcends trends, it is a master of multitasking. Without question, black pants are one of the few wardrobe staples that you can wear with just about anything else in your closet 



Day Dress

 A day dress is sophisticated and often the easiest and most appropriate choice for semiformal festivities such as luncheons, recitals, movies and afternoon bridal showers…And when you (re)discover how little effort it takes to zip into a dress, you’ll find it a pleasure to give your pants a well-deserved rest.



Blazers always come to rescue and can really transform Ur look in an incredible way.  


If Ur some one that goes out a lot,U need clutch bags coz day time bags may feel cumbersome and an evening dress and a little dress.


Accessories like scarves,sun glasses,jewelry. A pair of heels,Jeans,a Little black dress also come in handy!


Incorporating Colour

 When introducing a splash of color to any outfit, you’ll need to first consider the outfit’s palette(range of colours) say, for an all-white ensemble,any favorite hue, such as yellow or blue, or red will pair easily. 

 If the palette of your outfit is a mix of neutrals(light grey or beige). however, adding a bright color like orange will really liven it up.


If you’re wearing a multi-colored print, try not to introduce too many colors, unless they’re already in your outfit. If your print features a mix of greens, yellows and blues, for example, stick to that palette and accessorize with green or blue.



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