Greetings guys! Welcome to my first ‘Streetstyle’ and also… my first hair cut out of my free will last night and I couldn’t wait to show you. Am soo excited and happy about my new look. There’s no greater feeling than the feeling you get when you do something on your own will without being pressured. It takes courage for a lady to cut her hair.

What do you think about my new look?






What I wore 

College able trench coat

Suzen bag

Kardashian kollection shoes

H&M pants

Atmosphere top

 Who says covering up means you can’t still keep up with the style stakes? 

 Would you agree with me if I said Street style is the original fashion runway? It’s all about creativity, practicability, trend and let’s not forget uniqueness.It’s amazing how a lot of people out there ‘kill it’ on the streets. So much talent we get to miss out on the streets because they don’t really care to share… 


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