Black is the black

Ironing is one of My greatest weaknesses that makes me wish never existed😆😁😏



  There is no secret that I am a huge fan of my neutrals, I literally live in them so I keep a range of different styles textures, details, etc so no matter the occasion, I have something that’ll always work. This black see-through dress in particular is more on the dressier side but I’m all for dressy/casual dressing. Dressing down this look made it more wearable for the day without feeling too overdressed. 


This see-through dress that I paired with blue shorts is ideal for a hot weather. It’s French chic leaving little imagination for one to see………

This look can be worn on a weekend, and evenings depending on the mood your in.


                         Great weekend!!

 Outfit details
Dorothy Perkins see-through dress

H&m shoes

Suzen bag

River island Jean shorts




One thought on “Black is the black

  1. Am loving following your style. It’s quite refreshing plus all too confident and that for is the icing on each outfit. Rock on girl!
    Simple solution for your ironing worry, a steamer does wonders. You should invest in one. Saves loads of time and with absolute neat results compared to ordinary flat-iron.

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