Blazers never go out of Style

_NJJ9143Today, I am channeling my inner bad-ass with this look, if you will. Vintage Jacket, retro red sunglasses & on top of that even a fanny pack with another bag – all new to my wardrobe, but they already have become some of my favorite pieces in my closet.

One of my 2018 biggest goal is to just try out more things and have a little more fun with fashion. Sometimes I question my outfits too much and think “Oh, this wouldn’t look good on me”, where in reality, nobody cares and so shouldn’t I 🙂 

Blazers are definitely my wardrobe staple pieces by far, Checkered Blazers became popular last year and till to date, and every fashion enthusiast & blogger seems to have one. 
I have to say these Blazers always remind me of 90s men elegance meets Head teacher with a touch of “I work at in a museum” – they just have that certain vibe of sophistication, which I absolutely love.

To tell you a fun little story, my dad owned the same exact blazer am wearing in this post, that’s why when i landed on it,I could never get myself to not get a hold of it – and rightfully so! This is my first “everything is coming back into style, if you just wait long enough”. I live to posses pieces that would just make my jajja very proud.

Have a look below.

Sunglasses from Pretty Perfect Ug


All Photography from Ninno



Thanks for passing by!


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